Company Profile - Krishna Circle

Krishna Circle Details up to 30-11-2019

1Area in Sq.KM8721
2No. of Domestic Services1457643
3No. of Non Domestic & Commercial Services187606
4No. of LT Industrial Services11435
5No. of Cottage Industries and Dhobighats Services1202
6No. of Agricultural Services114684
7No. of P W S & Street Light Services9102
8No. of General Purpose Services13862
9No. of Aqua & Animal Husbandry & others Services14731
10No. of Temporary Services67
11No. of LT Services1870332
12No. of HT Services1376
13No. of 33/11 KV Substations260
14No. of Distribution Transformers73848
15No. of 11 KV Feeders1059
16No. Divisions7
17No. of Sub-Divisions23
18No. of Sections90
19No. of ERO's / Sub-ERO's20

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